9 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for NOVAWEEN 9


Okay, so maybe Halloween is still more than a month and a half away, but any serious Halloweener (heh) knows that it’s never too early to start planning the perfect costume. There are your classics: ghosts, witches, pumpkins; your new classics: sexy ghosts, sexy witches, sexy pumpkins (although I don’t know how that’s possible); but the best costumes are the ones you really put your all into. The best costumes are the ones that inspire random strangers at a party to want to take pictures with you.

So with that in mind, here are 9 creative costume ideas for NOVAWEEN 9 – DISCO INFERNO: 

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Our best Halloween party to date NOVAWEEN 8

Every year the anticipation grows as the weather begins to cool and October rounds the corner and 2014 was even more electric as this would be our 8th NOVAWEEN in a row. We held the original NOVAWEEN even before we opened our doors and each year we keep building more fans, improving and tweaking and growing and well enough talk, let’s dig into the gory sexy wild details of St. Pete’s favorite halloween party, NOVAWEEN 8.. 2014-10-31-NOVAWEEN-8-Poster-www.novaween.com-google

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NOVAWEEN 8  is St. Pete’s favorite Halloween Party
Friday October 31, 2014 9:00 pm – 3:00 am
**  Hosted by Gypsy Allure  **

NOVAWEEN has become the most anticipated and talked about annual event at NOVA 535, and each year it just get’s better.

NOVAWEEN 8 comes 10-31-2014

[] Adults 21 and up only party
[] Free Valet Parking
[] Multiple full liquor bars
[] Hot delicious Food Grill available from Murray’s Chicago Deli
[] Hosted by Gypsy-Allure
[] Miss Mayven’s Spellbinding Go Go Dancers
[] Best of The Bay DJ MEGA
[] Spooky Courtyard and Full Bar with Tarot Card Reader
[] PHOTOBOOTH by Get the Picture
Scariest, Most Unique, Sexiest Male, Sexiest Female, Crowd Favorite and Best Couple Combo
[] Judges: Gypsy Allure, Motown Pride of Got Jokes and Reno Reach’s Jon Labudde
[] Delicious sweet tooth CANDY BAR
[] BLACKJACK table upstairs
[] Sexy, Scary Bloodbath Lady
[] Look up for the fabulous Lrya Girl
SAVE $$ get your tickets now http://novaween.com

Tickets are $16 advance $20 at the door, includes valet.

(Tickets don’t work in Safari, instead use Chrome, IE, firefox,..)


Photo booth Steampunk Madness Best of NOVAWEEN 2012

Photo booth Steampunk Madness

And out of all of the public events we throw, NOVAWEEN is my favorite party of the year, and Steampunk Madness back in 2012 was no exception! So you might only imagine the hijinx and true insanity that flashed before the photo booth camera’s eye that night, over and over again. Luckily that camera cannot judge. That will be for future much smarter cameras. However…

St. Pete's Best Halloween Party is NOVAWEEN photobooth 10-26-2012

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Ron White Battles Evil Twin at NOVAWEEN 7

On the one day of the year that allows each of our inner freaks to come forth and play and scamper and scream and reveal that frustrated inner child is Halloween.

Evil death Clown with knife

A sacred holiday for sure, a holiday truly like no other, as it’s full on party mode! Even though Halloween only lasts for 24 hours officially, we stretch it out for up to 2 full weeks. Tonight – Ron White Battles Evil Twin at NOVAWEEN 7. Continue reading