A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10

NOVAween 10 BLively Entrance Photos

Well, the brick road isn’t yellow and the destination isn’t Oz, but it’s a marvelous brick path to unique venue NOVA 535 in Downtown St. Pete, Florida. As this gorgeous space is primarily known for creating custom private events and stunning weddings, NOVA also throws wicked public parties for everyone to drink, dance and have a ball at. NOVAween is absolutely no exception to this. We celebrated the tenth anniversary of this spooktacular Halloween bash and the thrills began as soon as the ghouls and goblins of DTSP entered the candle-lit bamboo courtyard. Novaween 10 was full of treats for guests to enjoy and the first ingredient of the entire cauldron was the red carpet treatment as Barry Lively snapped photos of guests sporting their devilish disguises as they entered the party. Talk about a lively welcome to Novaween!!
2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-150 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP

2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-4-22016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-89 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-166 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP

We saw nearly every character under the moon on Friday, October 21st, 2016. From superheroes and villains….

2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-175 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-75 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP

to gorgeous Flamenco Dancers and a fiery phoenix.

2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-61 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-93 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP

Even our friend and pirate, Rainer Scheer of Chillounge Night, came to party with us with his beautiful “wench”, Patty Filomeno from Ink Graphics (designer of our NOVAween graphic!).

2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-146 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP

A party at NOVA 535 is not complete until Michael Novilla, owner of NOVA, “crashes” the event. Check out our sister company, and find out what #dtsp is all about! (His costume was put together by the fabulous Marina Williams at ARTpool Gallery).

2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-33 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP

NOVAween was a treat, but we had Cory Van Valin there to trick the crowd with his exciting walk-around magic performances.

2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-206 | A Lively Welcome to Novaween 10 in DTSP

It wouldn’t be a bash without some steamy monsters, so I (pictured left incognito as Gypsy Allure, The Mistress of Magic) brought a werewolf that surely wow’d the crowd: Mayven Missbehavin, the steamiest mummy you’ve ever seen: Gemma Lux, and a vampire you’d beg for a bite: Andrea Tirrella.


There must be some hocus-pocus cast on NOVA 535, because the vibe is always positive here. Even Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton got along that evening!


I’m Erika Cain, I pop my creative wheels into NOVA from time to time to coordinate entertainment and it was my treat to plan and sprinkle in a few 5-star entertainers to NOVAween three years in a row now! But of course, we couldn’t have such bone-rattling fun without Michael S. Novilla.2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages-41

Huge thank you to local Makeup Artist, Nicole Stefansic, for putting her brushes to work and magically transforming me into Frankie Stein and Michael into a pop-art masterpiece.

There are more blogs and photos of the party coming soon! In the meantime, feel free to share the courtyard photos, taken by Barry Lively, from NOVAween 10 at NOVA 535 in DTSP. Don’t forget to tag us #NOVA535 #Novaween and #DTSP! Hope to see you at NOVA Noel 9, our annual Holiday Party, on Thursday, December 8, 2016. Hope you enjoyed our Lively Welcome to Novaween!

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