Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I bring in outside beverages?

All beverages must be provided by NOVA 535.

Can I use my own Caterer?

Yes, at NOVA 535 you can use any licensed and insured caterer, subject to approval.

What is the Seating Capacity of NOVA 535?

INSIDE: DOWNSTAIRS is 220 seated with dance floor, 260 seated for dining, 300 seated for ceremonies, 350 standing for cocktail parties. UPSTAIRS is 80 seated for dining or 125 standing for cocktail parties. INSIDE TOTAL: is 340 seated for dining, 380 seated for ceremonies, 475 standing for cocktail parties. Our OUTDOOR COURTYARD adds 150 seated for dining, 250 seated for ceremonies, 300 standing for cocktail parties, giving a TOTAL VENUE CAPACITY of 490 seated for dining or 775 standing for cocktails.

Does NOVA 535 allow Food Trucks?

Yes, you can have up to 3 Food Trucks inside the NOVA 535 Bamboo Courtyard. All catering must be properly licensed and insured.

Is NOVA 535 Dog and Pet Friendly?

Yes, we love pets at NOVA 535. Yes, you can have your pets (dogs, cats, etc.) at your wedding. Private events can be dog and pet-friendly if the host (NOVA’s client) is ok with that. Events open to the public depend on the event type and theme. A late-night DJ dance party would not be good to bring your pet to, but a pet-themed event would be fine.

Is NOVA 535 LGBT Friendly?


When is our final payment due?

Final headcount along with your final payment is due 30 days prior to your event.

When is our final headcount due?

Final headcount (and your final payment in full) is due 30 days prior to your event.

Does NOVA 535 offer Valet Parking?

Yes, you can choose FREE SELF PARKING or add Valet into your invoice.

Does NOVA 535 provide dinner napkins?

Yes, you rent all your table linens, dinner napkins, etc through NOVA 535.

Are there Tip Jars on the NOVA 535 bar?

Yes. Tip jars are out during all events unless you prepay the 20% gratuity.

Can we buy Shots at NOVA 535?

Yes. Shots are available via cash/credit from the bar. They are not included in Drink Packages.

Does NOVA 535 sell Drink Packages?

Yes. Check our Drink Menu.

What are the parking options and directions to NOVA 535?

Parking and Directions to NOVA 535 Unique Event Space, located at 535 Dr. M. L. King Jr. Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33701. NOVA 535 on Google Maps.

How do I book my event at NOVA 535?

3 Steps to Booking NOVA 535, (1) Please review our pricing menu, (2) enter your event info, then you are (3) prompted to Schedule your tour. Also, Sales@nova535.com is always available to assist you personally.

What Table Decorations does NOVA 535 provide?

We include with your venue rental a nice assortment of Clear Glass Vases, Moroccan Style Lanterns, and oil candles. Check our inventory and rentals.

What type of Candles does NOVA 535 allow?

Real candles are allowed as long as they are in a glass container that is at least 3″ taller than the flame. Your coordinator, venue manager or catering staff will light them for you. Check what NOVA 535 includes with your venue rental, and remember all items must be removed at the end of your event.

Does NOVA 535 offer a Drink Menu?

Yes, our full liquor drink menu can be found online.

Does NOVA 535 offer an online Price Menu?

Yes, all of our pricing can be found online.

When are guests allowed to enter NOVA 535?

Guests are not allowed inside of NOVA 535 until your “Event Start Time”, found on your invoice, no exceptions. They are not allowed inside during the Client and Vendor “Set-Up” time.