Unique Event Videos A Blast from the Past

unique public videos here at venue nova 535 dtsp with Pale Horse Designs Cinco de Mayo Lucha wrestling

NOVA 535 Unique Event Space, is a world-class wedding and event venue, located in beautiful Downtown St. Pete, Florida, aka DTSP. Over the years, we have hosted so many fun, exciting and creative public events, ever since we opened in 2008. Who am I? The St. Pete born and raised Entrepreneur who had a vision, and a lot of help, support and good luck, to create such an unique space. A space perfect for Art and Fashion Shows, for our annual NOVAWEEN adults only halloween party, for live music

Unique Event Videos from downtown St. Pete Florida historic wedding and event venue NOVA 535 - novaween is st pete favorite halloween costume party

(from rap, rock-n-rolla, to the infamous 18 piece Helios Jazz Orchestra), to live wrestling, kickboxing, Japanese Flower Shows, our local pals the St. Pete Indie Market and Keep St. Pete Local and well you get the idea! So I thought a video sampling “buffet” of just a few of our unique event videos was just the thing to share with those of you not lucky enough to have enjoyed these incredible public events, and as a fun reminder for those of us who were! Enjoy!

Pale Horse Lucha: Art Show and Live Wrestling. On Cinco de Mayo, 2015, local superstar designer Chris Parks and his team Pale Horse Designs, brought an incredible live show here to NOVA 535. This featured original artwork, live Lucha wrestling and so much more!

Pale Horse Lucha: Art Show and Live Wrestling Exhibit Recap video from Pale Horse Design on Vimeo.

Alter Ego Art + Fashion Party, Saturday October 2, 2010.

This was my favorite art and fashion show combo to date, with new art from:   Glenn Barr, Blue Lucy, Kymm Chavers, Emily Marie Cingari, Nicky Davis, Brandon Dunlap, Allen Leper Hampton, Scott Hillis, Sarah Gail Hutcherson, Alyssa Jamison, Erik JonesDon Kobasky, Ryan Lee, Scot Lefavor, Mark Michaels, Matt Messinger, Rasta, Tes One, Terribly Odd, Andrew Spear, Kevin Sechelski, Tom Thewes, John Vitale, Joey Vitale, Pale Horse, Andrea Pawlisz and Paul Vitale. And musical delight from 3 time Best of the Bay, DJ MEGA and Orlando’s NAK 1

A fashion performance was produced by LUXE Productions designs by DONA CROWLEY, ZETA CONNOR, and VITALE ART STUDIO

NOVA 535 – Alter Ego Event video from David J. Mercado on Vimeo.

NOVAWEEN IV Halloween 2010. What an epic, indescribably wild and amazing party we had…legendary! You had to have been here to understand!

NOVA 535 – NOVAWEEN IV video from David J. Mercado on Vimeo.

Big Bang Show. 2009 – 2010. Think “Whose Line is it Anyways” meets “America’s Got Talent” right here in DTSP. Daniel “Motown Pride” Jefferson and his incredibly talented Got Jokes? Improv Troupe and I teamed up for 2 years, that’s 4 seasons, of this amazing variety talent contest. Wow was it FUN!!

NOVA 535 – The Big Bang Show video from David J. Mercado on Vimeo.

NOVAWEEN 8 – Uncle Fester busts his bulb!

NOVAWEEN 8 – A quick video recap (of what we can legally show you!) from our wild adults only halloween party Friday October 31, 2014

Hopefully you enjoyed my little video buffet. If so, check out our upcoming public events. And if you’re interesting in hosting your own, you can get started online, email Sales(at) or call/text us at 949-873-6682.