NOVAween 10 Ignited The Spirit of Halloween


Halloween may have already passed this year, but I think we’re all still celebrating the excitement Downtown St. Pete shared at NOVAween 10. The unique and historic event space, NOVA 535, hosts an annual Halloween extravaganza and 2016 marked the tenth anniversary of this memorable spooky soiree. I’m Erika Cain, Entertainment Coordinator at NOVA 535 and Content Creator at our sister company, As I have hosted and provided entertainment for the party for the past three years (huge thanks to owner, Michael S. Novilla, for keeping me on board!), I can say one thing for certain: NOVAween is not your ordinary Halloween Party. The event itself has transpired to a well-anticipated ball. Why? The energy within the venue is always beyond positive and everyone has a permanent grin on their face when they are at the party. Perhaps it’s the great tunes that brings everyone together or NOVA’s multiple full-liquor bars that does the trick. Whatever it may be – it has become DTSP’s (aka DownTown St. Pete) favorite Halloween Party!




After receiving A Lively Welcome upon entering the NOVA 535 property, in the beautifully spooky bamboo courtyard, guests experienced Tarot readings from Ani Crane, were amazed with Cory Van Valin‘s close-up magic, and munched on delicious hot food from Murray’s Chicago Deli (they are MUCH more than a deli!).



Talk about things that go bump in the night… NOVAween 10 was “bumpin.” Zoo Studios provided incredible 3D effects that were absolutely thrilling – including a fifteen-foot tree that illuminated eerie projections and terrifying animated portraits hung on the wall. At first glance the 3 photos may have been still. Then they’d morph, changing shapes, and frames, and even killing each other. Haunted Mansion 2016!! 2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages_party-photos-39

The Davis Break-Skating Duo returned this year as our Crazy Clowns scaring and goofing off with guests throughout the night. They are the perfect yin and yang as Sam is a hilarious jokester and Dustin performs frighteningly great skating moves (plus he’s a talented painter, check him out).

2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages_party-photos-20 2016-10-21-novaween10-28

Our gogo dancer Gemma Lux and aerialist Andrea Tirrella sent chills down everyone’s spine! The talent that these performers have developed over the years is mesmerizing and they both are such a delight to watch. Right before the costume contest, NOVAween veteran, Mayven Missbehavin heated us all up with her hot Hot HOT fire performance as the sexiest shewolf anyone has ever seen!

2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages_party-photos-6 2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages_party-photos-25 2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages_party-photos-5

DJ Ich played the best dance music all night that kept the party going! Then DJ Fresh (the official DJ of The Tampa Bay Rays) arrived and hosted the costume contest with me (on-stage I’m Gypsy Allure, as green Frankie-Stein).



Everyone brought their A-game to NOVAween 10! Four costume categories: sexiest, scariest, best couple and most creative. The crowd was excited to play a part in judging this year and all together we chose well-deserving winners. The champ of each category received a premium bottle of liquor from St. Petersburg Distillery and a really nice gift card to favorite restaurant Brick & Mortar in DTSP.


2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages_party-photos-642016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages_party-photos-41 2016-10-21-novaween-10-at-nova-535-in-dtsp_blivelyimages_party-photos-15

Our guests looked 5-star, but so did the owner of NOVA 535, Michael Novilla (#dtsp)! Thanks to a few costume pieces from ARTpool Gallery and unforgettable pop-art makeup by Nicole Stefansic.


Don’t be upset that Halloween has passed this year – that doesn’t mean that the fun has stopped! Join us for Nova Noel 9 on Thursday, December 8, 2016. Live music, delicious dinner and dessert buffet, a special visit from the Jolly Man in Red, plus entertainment from Got Jokes? Improv for the adults later in the night. Have your stress-free Holiday Party at NOVA! Small office (no holiday party planned) blues? Join us for our Holiday Party!

Whether it is an intimate private event or grand public party, any occasion at NOVA 535 becomes a noteworthy memory for everyone who attends. Interested in booking NOVA? Get started here, call / text 949-873-6682 or email Sales(at)