50th Birthday with Friends Family and Fire

50th Birthday with Friends Family and Fire at DTSP historic venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space

Growing up here in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida was certainly a treat. I was lucky enough to live on the west side of town, near park street and Abercrombie Park, just south of the Garden Drive-In. When I was 11 years old, another Michael moved into our neighborhood, and soon we were best of friends. Our neighborhood was filled with several families, so we always had plenty of playmates, for hide and go seek freeze-tag, kickball, Frisbee, soccer, tree climbing and lots and lots of bike riding. Mike was older and stronger and fell into the role of big brother and friend. We spent a ton of time together, certainly some of the best years of our lives. Fast Forward to tonight, as we celebrate with Friends Family and Fire!


2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-48 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-31 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-24 50th Birthday with Friends Family and Fire at NOVA 535 DTSP

50th Birthday with Friends Family and Fire at DTSP historic venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space

As we’ve matured, we’ve always stayed close, though certainly on different life paths. He married his longtime, delightfully beautiful sweetheart Samantha, and they are raising 3 gorgeous kids, Max, Mitch and Marion….picture perfect. His parents still living, just a short walk down the street from our family home. Everyone in good health, his father Ralph just celebrating 80 strong, amazing years, mamma June always with a smile and twinkle in her eye. Unfortunately my father, Michael F. was lost to Lewy Bodies several years ago. I, on the other hand, play the role of world traveling, Entrepreneurial “Uncle Mike“, selling 5 Star weddings here at NOVA 535, yet about the last one of us to walk down that aisle. I also promote our (now) vibrant, world-class downtown, affectionately know as DTSP.¬†But that’s another story for another time…tonight’s all about¬†Friends Family and Fire!

2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-20 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-15 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-9 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-6 50th Birthday with Friends Family and Fire at DTSP historic venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space

Tonight, as about 50 of us gathered to celebrate 50 Years for our pal Michael, it was wonderful to see and spend time with friends (aka family) we’ve made over the decades. Business men and women, doctors, mothers, fathers and schoolmates joined tonight by our love for our friend Mike. With the help of his delightful wife Samantha, plus some of my favorite local vendors, we made sure that he enjoyed a 50th birthday celebration that he won’t soon forget. Hopefully he won’t forget, I mean 50 is really old, right??

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Tonight our fresh and delicious menu was provided by Catering by Murray’s. Murray is amazing, both an incredible human being AND a talented chef and caterer. Bravo Murray!! Also a big thanks to bartender Vanessa and hostess Lauren, everyone was most appreciative of your excellent 5 Star hospitality!!

(Vanessa clowing around below)


2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-30 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-36 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-45 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-51 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-69 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-86 2016-11-08-mike-lewis-50th-birthday-nova-535-dtsp-98

Mayven Missbehavin, was our first, and by far favorite choice, for an all-in-one amazing performer. Michael requested a “Fire Show” and well, Mayven is plenty hot enough, well before she grabs the butane. She sings like an angel with an attitude, always has a glowing smile on her face; we ALL thoroughly enjoyed her performances!!!

50th Birthday with Friends Family and Fire at DTSP historic venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space

Funny thing about your physical age vs your internal ‘mental age’. Like Mike, I soon will turn 50, in about 17 months from now. Also like Mike, I try to take great care of myself, eat well, all natural / organic, exercise, natural products, etc. Plus drink plenty of red wine. Luckily, that formula has been working so far!

Happy Birthday Michael!! Here’s to the next 50, for us both!! We love you!!

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