Ron White Battles Evil Twin at NOVAWEEN 7

On the one day of the year that allows each of our inner freaks to come forth and play and scamper and scream and reveal that frustrated inner child is Halloween.

Evil death Clown with knife

A sacred holiday for sure, a holiday truly like no other, as it’s full on party mode! Even though Halloween only lasts for 24 hours officially, we stretch it out for up to 2 full weeks. Tonight – Ron White Battles Evil Twin at NOVAWEEN 7.

Pinky Pinky Nurses Nurses

This allows us to also dig deep and not only act like a child but to dress like one of those scary grown-ups too – even the dead ones.So we enjoy the extra dimension of assuming any persona you choose for the evening, acting silly and talking the talk for weeks and months in advance.

Pretty White Painted Face Lady

Sometimes you start real early, like one of my closest friends Lou, even a year early growing in your beard for his (Contest Winning – “Crowd Pleaser”) portrayal of Tom Hank’s Cast Away, along with girlfriend as “Wilson” the volleyball.

Drew of the Dead

Yes, some people take it way, way down to the bottom of the deep end. The deep end this year featured the Day of the Dead, Spanish Style: “Dia de Los Muertos”, in honor of our starlet Margo Rey’s Mexican heritage.

Four DDLM Ladies

Margo, for those who don’t know her YET, is a beautifully complex, strong and amazing lady who sings, writes hit songs, oh and travels around the country as the national spokesperson for Brides Against Breast Cancer.

Margo rey Painted Judging Costume Contest

(Margo Rey holding contest prize “Number Juan Tequila” )

 Margo, a two-time survivor herself, is quite scary herself in how much courage and passion and energy and positivity she can muster from her five foot something frame. And she needs all the strength she can muster when dealing with her new hubby, Ron White aka Tater Salad himself.

Ronitta White and Ron White Smoking Cigars

Well Welcome to St. Petersburg Florida, aka St. Pete, affectionately referred to by us locals and natives as  “The Burg”. Here we go nuts-o over Halloween.

Barry Lauren and Red Dress  (Photographer BLively and some beautiful Ladies)

The BURG, the center core of the Tampa Bay Metro Area, is a unique, diverse vibrant peninsula of a town (sunrise on the bay and sunset on the beach), filled with a strong passion for real art and music and laughter and partying and enjoying life. We work hard too, many of us way too hard, but life is short and the party doesn’t happen by itself, it takes all kind of community magic!

This years’ magic was strengthened by the addition of 3 Hollywood Stars: Latin King of Comedy Alex Reymundo, 6x Billboard Charting Singer/Songwriter Margo Rey and the Legendary Funnyman Ron ” Tater Salad” White himself.

So if you’ve been to NOVAWEEN before then you. And if you haven’t then just ask. In either case, here’s what comes next