Novaween 9 scary photo booth pictures

Novaween 9 photo booth downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535 halloween party

It’s a tradition now that Mark and Shelli Olsen, owners of Get the Picture Photo Booth, bring their wonderfully decorated photo booth in for our annual Halloween party Novaween each year. Friday, October 30, 2015, Novaween 9 Disco Inferno was no exception. Everyone loves the photo booth, and the combination of drinking, being together with fellow fiends and / or random disco zombies,  the dark enclosed space, the silliness of it all, relaxing and enjoying the moment before FLASH!! is something that brings out that delightful childish joy in all of us.

Novaween 9 photo booth Downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535

Of course many of the photos are for adults only, just like our 21 and up Novaween party is. So here is (most of) the evidence, one magical, wild moment at a time. Some moments are full of a room of happiness….

Novaween 9 photo booth downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535 halloween party

Some are of cute newlyweds, like our Drew and the beautiful Helene, who married here at NOVA on July 4th, 2015.  Congrats!!Novaween 9 at nova 535 st pete venue

Some are sideways…Novaween 9 photo booth at nova 535 dtsp

And some, well we will leave them for you be the judge of….ENJOY!!

(There are 2 separate galleries of the photo booth photos one right here below and the 2nd just after this gallery.)

Here are the other half of the photo booth photos. Enjoy!

Hopefully you enjoyed the photo booth photos from Novaween 9 here at downtown St. Pete historic venue. Keep NOVA 535 Unique Event Space when you are searching for the perfect venue for a wedding, reception, holiday party, Mitzvah, Film Shoot, fundraiser, prom, quinceanera, fundraiser or any event where you want 5 star service with a smile! Call / Text us 949-873-6682 Email Sales at or Get Started Online Now

Novaween 9 photo booth at nova 535 venue st. pete florida