Now introducing the lovely newlyweds Mrs and Mrs

Change, in this case, is a good thing. See we here at NOVA 535 Unique Event Space, in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida, have been marrying people since opening, back in February 2008. “Marrying” two consenting adults who love, respect and want to make a lifetime commitment to each other. Most of the time they were called weddings, occasionally “Commitment Ceremonies”. So why the different labels for the exact same event?

2014 10-19 Heather-and-Mariryan-Wedding-at-NOVA-535-Downtown-StPete-60

The difference had been about politics, ignorance and the law. See, until recently, some consenting adults were unable to marry each other, here in the United States, a ‘free’ country. People reading this story in 2020 might think to themselves, wow, really? You mean like how black and white people weren’t able to marry each other in the early 20th century? Yes, kinda sad like that. To me people are people and I label them in two mental boxes “Nice” or “Not Nice”. I do occasionally use words other than “not nice”, except certainly not here in this family friendly blog.

2014 10-19 Heather-and-Mariryan-Wedding-at-NOVA-535-Downtown-StPete-44

As the internet further connects the world, we are more and more seeing and understanding that we are all one big HUMAN family. Families, which are at their best when they are full of love, respect, understanding and empathy, allow for more good times to be had for ALL of humanity. Some cultures call it ONE LOVE, others Equality, some simply to live and let live, other to Coexist in peace.

Net Net = The world’s a nicer, safer place when people are nice to each other.

2014 10-19 Heather-and-Mariryan-Wedding-at-NOVA-535-Downtown-StPete-6

See my parents were great people, and we grew up surrounded with people of all colors and orientations. Everyone was family and friends. But this isn’t about us, it’s about how the world is changing, yes constantly changing, and in this case, changing for the better. And maybe YOU help make it a bit better, in your own way. =D

2014 10-19 Heather-and-Mariryan-Wedding-at-NOVA-535-Downtown-StPete-105

So now introducing the lovely newlyweds Mrs and Mrs _________. Hmm, I’m unsure exactly how the ladies are doing the whole last name thingy, I just cannot recall. Either way, what a lovely, delightful day it was!

2014 10-19 Heather-and-Mariryan-Wedding-at-NOVA-535-Downtown-StPete-51

Mariryan and Heather are such a cute couple. They are uniquely different, complementing each other, in so many ways, many obvious, several subtle and wonderful. Yet they are both business owners. Mariryan an Acupuncturist and Herbalist at Mariryan Heschmeyer, was our main point of contact. She’s high energy, fun, detail oriented and was delightful to work for. Heather owner of TriFit Sports, unfortunately, we saw her less often. She’s the calmer more grounded of the two, and equally as lovely, balancing out Mariryan’s exuberance. Maybe it’s her incredibly fit and lovely arms that keep Mariryan in line. Who knows?

2014 10-19 Heather-and-Mariryan-Wedding-at-NOVA-535-Downtown-StPete-103

Of course a wedding is part ceremony and part celebration, and our ladies hand-picked an excellent group of vendors to ensure tonight was fabulous. And fabulous it was! The gorgeous flowers and decor were brilliantly provided by Iza’s Flowers, bravo!

DJ services were by family friend DJ Shirah Levine, she was amazing! Ibex Productions provided a wonderful keyboard and violinist for the ceremony, Officiant extraordinaire was Christina Bickley-Didyk, Photography by Still Silver Photography.

** NOTE ** None of these photos are by Still Silver, there are all by me. Still Silver is a true professional photography company, I’m a guy with a good camera (Cannon 6D) and a decent eye. Big difference. Hint – You’d hire them, not me. Catering was provided by the always delicious and 5 Star Puff n Stuff Catering. Fabulous hair styling for our ladies was done by Michelle Juliet Nelson. Bravo everyone, BRAVO!!

Congratulations Ladies from everyone here at NOVA 535!! EQUALITY for ALL.


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