How to Create a Hyperlocal St. Pete Wedding

Stressing. Sweating. Stitching. Crying. Yelling. Freaking out. Ah, wedding planning. The epitome of … romance? It doesn’t have to be this way. Shhhh, there, there. We’re here to help. Although some couples still aim for an all-out giant celebration love fest with all the fixins (which is totally cool – who doesn’t love a good party?), wedding trends these days lean more toward intimacy and simplicity. The general wedding population is getting a little greener in product selection, a little leaner in budgeting and is prioritizing originality and customization over bells and whistles. More than local, it’s become Hyperlocal. choose venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space for your hyperlocal St. Pete wedding

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One way 21st century couples are creating tailor-made wedding plans is by going local. By using local vendors, products and services, modern lovebirds are not only stimulating the local economy, but they’re more likely to get more attentive service and better crafted products. If this idea appeals to you, here are five ways on how to create a hyperlocal St. Pete wedding of your dreams:


That’s an easy one. NOVA 535 Unique Event Space is the Swiss Army Knife of wedding venues. Not only can couples hold both their ceremony and reception in the historic space, the exposed brick and indoor/outdoor areas lend themselves nicely to any modern aesthetic. The convenient Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida location is great for locals and out-of-town guests, alike, as there are many lodging options and hip places to keep the party going well into the night.

choose NOVA 535 for your hyperlocal St. Pete weddingPhoto source: 12-1 Photography

NOVA 535 also features unmatched amenities for the wedding party and guests:

  • 10 luxury restroom suites
  • VIP Bridal suite / greenroom with Italian travertine shower
  • Additional “Get Ready Suite”
  • NOVA takes care of the tables, chairs, linens and glass votives
  • Private rear access to VIP areas
  • Built-in nightclub-quality sound and dance system (for all that Electric Sliding)
  • Video and slideshow system throughout
  • Flexibility to choose any professional food caterer


Photo source: Alesia Restaurant’s Facebook Page

When considering catering options for your hyperlocal St. Pete wedding, the best places to start are with the places where you already eat. Ultimately, the day is about you and your partner (and you’re likely the ones shelling out the dough to pay for the soirée), so you should serve the food that you like. Many local restaurants and food trucks are happy to work out a custom menu for your special day. Depending on your budget and taste, here are some local catering favorites:

Vegetarian and vegan options are available at most, if not all, of the restaurants listed above.


choose icingonthecake for your hyperlocal St. Pete weddingPhoto source: It’s Icing on the Cake’s Facebook Page

Your cake is such a personal expression. It’s the representation of your entire wedding in dessert form. Whether you opt for multi-tiered and lavish or modest and understated (or even cupcakes or cakepops!), St. Pete has an array of flavors and styles for you to choose from.

Clothing & accessories

choose ashecouture for your hyperlocal St. Pete weddingPhoto source:

After your dress and suit, or dress and dress, or suit and suit are chosen – or if you’re going for a more low-key vibe – you may want to slip into something a little more dance friendly. St. Pete is chock full of boutiques and pop-up shops that cater to styles ranging from bohemian to biker.

Flowers & plants

choose oberrys for your hyperlocal St. Pete weddingPhoto source: O’Berry’s Succulents Facebook Page

Bouquets, boutonnières, center pieces – plants play a large role on your wedding day. Even if you prefer more traditional arrangements, you’re sure to find something that complements your motif by using a local florist or botanical specialist.


choose paperstreet for your hyperlocal St. Pete weddingPhoto source: Paper Street Market’s Facebook Page

To create a space that truly exemplifies the love between you and your partner, you’ll need to put some TLC into choosing the right accents. Oftentimes, on account of mass production, decorative pieces found at larger chains and “big box” stores don’t necessarily capture the unique detail you may be seeking. Local is the way to go when it comes to wedding decor.

There will never be a more “you”-centric day than your wedding day – and it’s supposed to be that way – so make sure you’re celebrating your love in a way that feels right to you and your partner. Gone are the days of hideous bridesmaid dresses and mandatory red rose bouquets. Modern times call for modern interpretations of a beautiful, age-old tradition. If you’d like to learn more about how Tampa Bay’s #1 reviewed wedding and event venue NOVA 535 can help you plan the modern, local, maybe even hyperlocal St. Pete wedding you’ve always wanted, get started today or call / text 949.873.6682.