April Foolery Birthday Celebration where 4 plus 7 equals 50

April Foolery Birthday Celebration where 4 plus 7 equals 50

Thursday April 2, 2015 at historic venue NOVA 535 in gorgeous downtown St. Petersburg, Florida hosted April Foolery Birthday Celebration where 4 plus 7 equals 50. Translation, well here in 2015, business venture NOVA 535 turned 7, owner and founder Michael S. Novilla (that’s me!) turned 47 and longtime friend Mario DeFreitas turned the big 50. Here’s to birthdays with family and friends! Speaking of family, without our parents love, patience and wise lessons, we’d have gotten nowhere fast. Thanks mom and dad! (We miss you Dad)

2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-162

We enjoyed an afternoon, evening and eventually a late late / early early morning, celebrating life, family, friends, food, fun, love, laughs, games, drinks, perfect weather and we helped raise $$ and awareness for a really good cause, Little Light of Mine.Org.

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See every Thursday evening is when my Entrepreneur Social Club meets, most always at NOVA 535, unless NOVA is booked for a private event. This week we combined the weekly ESC meeting along with our local business makers monthly happy hour event and invited longtime pal Mario to join us and NOVA to celebrate it’s 7th year in business! A massive thank you hug to everyone that came out and to everyone who has made all of those individual positive effort(s) over the years, helping push NOVA from unknown at birth to now being the best reviewed venue in the region.


2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-249 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-226 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-190 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-177 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-166 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-118 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-130 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-87 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-51 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-56 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-25 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-5

We enjoyed the always fresh and delicious menu from my pal and fellow Entrepreneur Colleen Travers aka the St. Pete TACO LADY, so incredibly tasty no wonder she ALWAYS has a long line at the Saturday Morning Market. Thanks Colleen!!

2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-19 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-17 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-65 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-138 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-133 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-145 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-33


We also enjoyed Vegas style Blackjack and Roulette games from Dan Mar Productions, who we’ve used and recommended for years. Their dealers are always fun, friendly and knowledgeable, and their inventory of games fabulous. Excellent work, as always, thanks Dan Mar!

2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-253

And throughout the night, Mr. “Soon to be Very Famous” Magician Cory Van Valin, wooed and delighted and worked the crowd for a few hours, he’s incredibly talented and charming, watch out ladies and gents. Thanks Cory!!

2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-143 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-140 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-112

Infamous accordionist and local Mr. Hip and Cool Nick Boutwell opened up the night for us with an hour of his incredibly entertaining music, delighting kids and adults alike. Catch Nick at the Saturday morning market, and don’t forget to hire him for your next event. Thanks Nick for another 5 Star performance!

After Nick boxed up his accordion, we grooved and danced to the fabulous music of DJ Joey, of 11 Productions,  Joey you rocked the house brother! Bravo!!

2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-10 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-8

Our own “Data Ninja” and Event Coordinator Melissa was welcoming everyone, including soon to be married (here at NOVA of course) best pal and business partner Drew Edwards, along with his lovely bride-to-be Helene, visiting from Atlanta. Love you T$!2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-14 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete

A special super thanks to the dazzlingly talented and wonderful Miss Mayven Missbehavin, who even though she was feeling terrible, cam out and sang a few happy birthday songs, she’s amazing, THANKS MAYVEN!! PS here and an incredible lineup will be back at NOVA 535 Friday June 26, 2015, check back in soon for tickets and more info!

2015 02-13 Mayven holding fire 2015 02-13 Mayven singing

2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-31 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-412015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-35 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-78 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-98 2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-99

Thanks again to everyone who come out to celebrate with us and a special =D to those who added their extra love and efforts to make this celebration another wonderful, successful NOVA 535 event!

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Thanks and good luck to us all!

Below are ALL of the photos from my 6D that evening.

The only thing Team NOVA is “married” to is excellence and providing 5 Star experiences for everyone. I offer the vision and set the bar high by often saying “think of NOVA as like Ritz Carlton meets Disney World”. We believe that we are only as good as our last event – like a comedian or fighter – and we use that subtle paranoia and clearly focus on only one event at a time…yours!

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Thanks and good luck to us all!