Griffin Retirement Party

Ann Griffin Retirement Party at venue NOVA 535 in downtown St. Pete DTSP

Tonight daughter Erin Griffin brought together friends, family and fellow educators to celebrate the amazing educational career of her mother, during what we’ve titled the Ann Griffin Retirement Party…although Ann really doesn’t want to retire. She LOVES teaching others. Ann has dedicated 30+ years of her life helping educate…which takes an enormous amount of patience and fortitude….so a BIG congratulations (and much more) is due you Ann, bravo!!2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-44

According to Ann, tonight’s lovely special guest, when I asked about her educational background, “I taught in the Atlanta area for eight years. Then at Maximo Elementary here in Pinellas County for 25 years.  For past six years I have been a reading coach serving mostly at Bear Creek Elementary which is my current school.” Wow, that’s truly a full career Ann, thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

The delightful Griffins: Ann and her daughter Erin. 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-2

Tasty appetizers were provided by Orange Blossom Catering, while everyone danced and enjoyed music by the lovely Danielle DeCosmo, backed up by her fabulous band the Blackbird Morning Band (which included her hubby on guitar, left in black t-shirt). They kept the crowd singing, swaying and dancing all night, really tying the crowd into one happy, harmonious “family”!2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-212016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-46 There are always some “trouble-makers” in every group, those who are easy to laugh, first and last on the dance floor and usually the center of attention. I won’t mention any names…I’ll just let you do the math. =D2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-3 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-6 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-7 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-8Somebody was posing AND taking a photo! =D2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-9 Ann Griffin Retirement Party at historic venue NOVA 535 in downtown St. Pete DTSP2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-11 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-122016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-14 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-15 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-16 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-17 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-18 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-19 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-22 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-23 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-24 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-252016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-27 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-28 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-29 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-30 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-31 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-34 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-35 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-36 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-372016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-392016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-412016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-43 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-47 2016 0520 AnnGriffin-Retirement-NOVA535-DTSP-48

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves here at NOVA 535 in beautiful downtown St. Pete (DTSP) for the Ann Griffin Retirement Party… and if you did and want to say something online, please leave a nice review of NOVA. THANK YOU!!

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