Wedding ceremony in bamboo gardens at NOVA 535 in St. Pete for a Industrial-Chic St. Pete Wedding 

Metallic Industrial-Chic St. Pete Wedding 

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From the owner of NOVA 535, Michael S. Novilla:  “I’ve added the term Industrial-chic to my vocabulary, a sexier way to describe our intended NOVA 535 construction design elements. Bricks, steel, hardwood, wrought-iron, and ribbed glass; all are industrial, and yet also, what we referred to as timeless. Timeless elements. Like cool, hip, sexy and […]

How to Be Awesome at Cocktail Parties

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Summer is (basically) here and with the warm weather comes cool cocktails and more reasons to get together and mingle. Attending a cocktail party is an excellent way to increase your awareness about a particular cause, network with like-minded professionals or just to have fun – and we’re here to tell you how to make […]