Vintage Gray and Blue Downtown St. Pete Wedding

From owner Michael S. Novilla:

Christian and Amanda’s unique vision, love and respect for the historic 1920’s period from which our 535 building was constructed warms our bellies. Saving 535 from the filthy doggie daycare and spending 3 difficult years planning, designing and meticulously renovating 535, into NOVA 535, was so worth it. Worth it so creative, grateful, fun people like Amanda and hubby Christian could enjoy our space as their own. We’re honored and delighted to have shared our home with them. Congratulations!

Wedding portrait at bamboo gardens in St. Pete wedding venue Nova535

Vintage Downtown St. Pete Wedding

Amanda and Christian’s vintage wedding dreams came true at their downtown St. Pete wedding at historic downtown St. Pete wedding venue NOVA 535.

“I am an old soul at heart, who should have been alive either in the 1920’s or the 1960’s. I choose both of those eras to inspire our wedding, from the gown I wore, down to props used during our reception,” the bride explained. “I love a good vintage vibe and wanted my guests to feel the same.”

The bride and groom’s romantic vintage vibes and gray and blue color palette were the perfect match for NOVA 535’s exposed brick walls, which was an important detail to Amanda and Christian when searching for their downtown St. Pete wedding venue.

“I looked for a building with character but that didn’t already have a defined style. I knew my venue had to have exposed brick, but couldn’t feel overwhelming as we wanted to keep our guest list small,” Amanda shared. “I love exposed brick walls and was looking for something I could really turn into my own.”

The NOVA staff worked hard to make the wedding planning process as smooth as possible, giving the couple the full NOVA 535 guest experience!

“NOVA fit all my criteria and our planner, Ruby, was wonderful to work with,” the bride raved. “She helped make every step of the way seem manageable and helped me work through the million ideas that Pinterest throws at brides to be!”

Ceremony and Reception Venue: NOVA 535
Photographer: Mari Sabra
Flowers: The Hen House
Planning: Ruby, NOVA 535
DJ: Eric Harding at Grant Hemond & Associates
Invitations: Paper Source
Caterer, Rentals and Cake: Olympia Catering
Dress: Watters from White Magnolia
Hair and Makeup: Caroline Stafford and Yanna
Officiant: Deidra Badaro

Anna Coats is the editor of  Marry Me Tampa Bay which showcases local weddings in the Tampa Bay area. 

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Elegant 1920’s Great Gatsby Inspired St. Pete Wedding

From NOVA 535 founder, Michael S. Novilla:

“Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!” [The Great Gatsby]

How perfect was it for Steven and Danielle to desire a Great Gatsby themed wedding while choosing NOVA 535. Our 1920 built, red clay brick walled, hardwood floored, historic venue would have suited “Old Sport” himself. Team NOVA loved working with Danielle and Steven, and we are most appreciative of their trust in us, to create the atmosphere and vision they desired for thier big wedding day! Congrats to the lovely newly weds Danielle and Steven!!Bride and groom under string lights at St. Pete wedding venue NOVA 535

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Vintage, Blush Downtown St. Pete Wedding at Nova 535

From the owner Michael S. Novilla: Chris and Robyn were great to work with. Chris was trusting his soon to be wife with the overall design, which was fabulous, as Robyn, a fellow native from St. Petersburg, has excellent taste and terrific DIY skills. They both worked towards a specific look and feel which is so perfect for our venue. They listened to our advice and the results were truly spectacular – a fresh, unique, beautifully personalized atmosphere with a gorgeous overall aesthetic. Bravo to Robyn and Chris for creating such a wonderful rustic chic with a touch of vintage wedding for themselves and their guests. They smiled and stayed positive and focused along the way, perfect NOVA clients for us to work with. Congratulations to Robyn and Chris!! =D

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Vintage, Gold, Black and Ivory Downtown St. Pete Wedding

Vintage, Gold, Black and Ivory Downtown St. Pete Wedding

From the Owner Michael S. Novilla:

Rebecca and Mike’s vintage downtown St. Pete wedding here at NOVA 535 was such a perfect match. They are such a cute, lovely couple and their wanting a 1920’s venue to fit their Gatsby theme helped draw them to us. NOVA 535 offers a beautiful slice of history, being built in 1920, making it one of the oldest venues in the entire Tampa Bay region. It’s always delightful to see couples like Mike and Rebecca, who are obviously deeply in love, that glow and love bubble they exude is wonderful for everyone around them to enjoy. I’m honored that they chose NOVA to host their most special day. Congratulations, and much love and hugs to Rebecca and Mike!

Outdoor night bride and groom portrait | Nova 535

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