Colorful Multi-Cultural St Pete Wedding

From the owner, Michael Scott Novilla:

I enjoyed meeting and working with Judy and Casey on their multi-cultural St Pete wedding, a sweet, smart, fun couple from Gainesville; their families originating in Vietnam and Ireland. Two lovely countries, with long, complex histories, full of unique customs, delicious foods, and proud cultures. I’ve been lucky enough to visit both, most recently spending 90 days in Vietnam, and find their romantic match-up, perfectly delightful! Bamboo garden wedding ceremony with draped arbor at NOVA 535 | Multi-Cultural St Pete WeddingThey added their own flavor and personalities into NOVA 535, creating a warm, welcoming, fabulous multi-cultural St. Pete wedding ceremony and reception! I’m honored for their trust in Team NOVA 535! So let’s raise our glasses and toast to their health and happiness, with a hearty Cheers, Sláinte and Một hai ba dzô!!

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