20 Years later Mark and Shelli still Get the Picture

Who doesn’t love climbing into a nicely decorated photobooth at a party? You’ve selected several crazy props and along with your partner / friends / kids / family / fellow drunkie you’ve just met, and it’s time for silly faces and spontaneous kisses and so much more! Well Mark and Shelli enjoyed this so much they created their own successful photo booth company,¬†Get The Picture FL,¬†around that joyus experience of making memories that you (usually) cherish forever. But this story isn’t just about the business of making photobooth memories, it’s about making a deep personal lifetime commitment to someone you love and cannot live without. Well, 20 years later, Mark and Shelli still Get the Picture!

2015 11-28 Olsen-20th-Anniversary-Party-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-DTSP-120

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