Minimalist Industrial Downtown St. Pete Wedding

From owner, Michael Scott Novilla:

What I love about our NOVA clients, is their range of “wants and wishes”, as team member Melissa Nguyen always puts it. Some clients want all the “bells and whistles” others want to create a fun, relaxed vibe so they can enjoy precious time with their loved ones. What’s great about NOVA 535 is that we can, because of the forethought and extra efforts from the beginning, easily please our clients; no matter what end of the spectrum they desire. We really enjoyed creating the atmosphere that perfectly suited our lovely couple Alec and Natalie. Which always makes me smile, because that’s exactly why we built NOVA 535, so Natalie and Alec could have it how THEY wanted to, withOUT all the potential extra stress and headaches they may have found elsewhere. They told us what they wanted and team NOVA made it happen. Yea!!¬†¬†CONGRATS to our beautiful newlyweds bride Natalie and her hubby Alec!!¬†(PS. I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!)

Modern string light ceremony backdrop in front of exposed brick wall at St. Pete wedding venue Nova 535

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