Digital Caviar Film Premiere Party featuring Artist Jason Skeldon

Friday April 29th from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm at historic downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535, Digital Caviar, in association with the Sunscreen Film Festival, 208 Monkeys LLC, Jason Skeldon, and SilverBox Studios, is proud to present an immersive filmmaking experience that showcases Digital Caviar’s unique approach to Indie filmmaking through integration of top of the line equipment and cutting-edge filmmaking techniques. In addition, this event will also double as our Pre-Launch Party for our feature film Crazy Lake, premiering Sunday, May 1st, as a part of the Sunscreen Film Festival here in DTSP.

This event will include:

Cinema Quality equipment demonstrations including new RED Weapon, C-Motion, Teradek, Flanders, DaVinci Resolve, Q-Take, etc.

Real-time editing & color grading with DaVinci Resolve and Q-Take – with special guest Rich Roddman

A VFX event with special guests 208 Monkeys

Live filming of a scene from the upcoming short film “Tagged” incorporating the event attendees

An art show and exhibition containing the work of local Artist Jason Skeldon

Not to mention… shaking hands with many local and international filmmakers and business owners.

All ages invited to attend.

There will be a cash bar (21 & Up)

Dress Code: semi-formal



Opening Night Party for the Tenth Annual Sunscreen Film Festival

Thursday April 30, 2015 the Opening Night Party for the Tenth Annual Sunscreen Film Festival SSFF was held here at the historic venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space located in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida. We can all thank visionary Tony Armer for making this all happen. A man’s dream, lots of hard work, and the help of many many of us along the way, has propelled Tony from a film lover to the current role of Film Commissioner for Pinellas County and proud papa of a successful 10 Year Old Film Festival. Go Tony!! 2015 04-30 Sunscreen-Film-Festival-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-74

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Sunscreen Film Festival Opening Night

Sunscreen Film Festival Annual Opening Night Party at NOVA 535

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WHAT:   Annual Opening Night Party for the Sunscreen Film Festival.
TIME:     (INVITE ONLY) 5:00pm – 6:30 pm Pre-party upstairs (INVITE ONLY)
TIME:     9:30 pm – 1:00 am Open to VIP pass holders or buy a $25 ticket below
MORE:    Sunscreen Film Festival

Tickets:    If you have a VIP Pass then no other ticket required. If you do NOT have a VIP pass then scroll down to very bottom to buy tickets to the NOVA party. Tickets to the NOVA party are $25 (scroll to bottom to purchase)

Stars, Film Makers and Celebrities we’re expecting at the 2015 SSFF include:

Curt Mega, Actor

Curt Mega
Matthew Moy, Actor

Matthew Moy
Karen Baker, Post-Audio Supervisor Oscar winner

Karen Baker
Jason Matthew Smith, Actor

Jason Matthew Smith

Raúl Marchand Sánchez, Filmmaker (no photo)
Verónica Ortiz-Calderón, Filmmaker (Sundance young female award winner)

Verónica Ortiz-Calderón
Omar L. Villarroel, Filmmaker

Omar L. Villarroel
Mark Romeo, Producer

Mark Romero
Christian D. Bruun, Producer

christian D. Brunn
Jason London, Actor

Jason London
Natalie Burn, Actor, Producer

Natalie Burn
Sergio Alberto Sibrián , director

Sergio Alberto Sibrián
Matthew Ziff, Actor, Producer, Stunts
Karla Gonzalez, Attorney and Latino panel

Karla Gonzalez


Thursday April 30th 2015

Join us at NOVA 535 to drink, dance and schmooze with Hollywood Film Producers and Directors, Financiers, beautiful Stars, cast and crew, models and groupies.  It’s a chance to connect with filmmakers, enjoy live entertainment including our incredible DJ ICH here at the breath-taking NOVA 535 venue, located in downtown St. Pete, Florida.


The Sunscreen Film Festival held annually in St. Petersburg, FL each Spring and in Los Angeles, CA each fall. The fest was founded in 2005. It was voted one of the “25 Coolest Film Festivals in the Country” by Movie Maker Magazine in 2009 and the “Best Film Festival” in the Tampa Bay area by Tampa Bay Magazine for 2012 and is one of only 23 fests in the country to be sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Oscars) for 2013.