Unveiling NOVA 535: The Perfect Setting for Your Unforgettable Celebration

2022 Jennifer and Jagger Emerald and Black Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Stepping into NOVA 535, you find yourself immersed in a world where historic charm and modern elegance intertwine seamlessly, providing the perfect backdrop for any occasion. Be it your dream wedding, a festive holiday party, or a social gathering that’s the talk of the town.

Located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, NOVA 535 stands as a testament to the beauty of fusing the past with the present. Built in 1920 and lovingly transformed into a world-class venue, NOVA 535 offers guests an unparalleled event experience.

Your Dream Wedding at NOVA 535

Imagine saying ‘I do’ in a historic yet modernized venue, rich with character and style. NOVA 535 is not your average wedding venue; we embrace your unique vision, ensuring your big day is not just special but uniquely yours. Our 5-star venue offers a hassle-free, boundless wedding experience. From our professional caterers who will tantalize your tastebuds, to our full liquor bar that offers all beverage preferences, we’ve got all your bases covered.

Celebratory Holiday Parties

When it comes to holiday parties, there’s nothing like a distinctive, character-rich venue to set the right tone. The timeless charm of NOVA 535 coupled with its modern amenities, creates an environment ripe for celebration. The space is versatile enough to accommodate themed decorations and offers an air of exclusivity, as we host only one event at a time, yours! Your holiday party wouldn’t just be another event on the calendar, but an unforgettable celebration etched in the memories of your guests.

Social Events that Sparkle

Whether it’s a charity gala, a corporate event, or a birthday bash, social events at NOVA 535 come alive in a whole new light. The unique ambience of the venue, committed staff, and top-notch amenities set the stage for an event that resonates with your style and purpose. Moreover, the downtown St. Pete location adds an extra touch of allure, making it easy for local and out-of-town guests to attend.

Trusted Since 2008

Since opening our doors in February 2008, NOVA 535 has been on a mission to captivate and enchant our guests with exceptional experiences. Our commitment to hosting one event at a time ensures that your event gets the attention it deserves. This dedication to service excellence has seen countless clients trust us with their special moments, and had generated over 1,000 5-star online reviews!

Choosing NOVA 535 is choosing a unique, stress-free experience in a locally owned venue that mixes the best of historical allure and modern elegance. When you choose NOVA 535, you’re not just booking an event venue; you’re crafting warm memories destined to last a lifetime. Because at NOVA 535, we believe that every event should be as unique and unforgettable as the person hosting it.

If you’re seeking a venue that’s truly out of the ordinary, look no further than NOVA 535 – where every celebration becomes a memorable masterpiece. Visit NOVA 535, text us at 727-758-7657, or email Sales@NOVA535.com so we can get started helping you plan your next epic event.

Photos by Barry Lively, Taylor Shea, Ink Graphics Media, and Kristen Marie.