Bull Riding, BBQ and the Big Moon Rocket Band

Bull Riding, BBQ, and the Big Moon Rocket Band

Kevlar’s 5th Birthday Hoedown

So when business owner (You Fit) and fellow Entrepreneur Christy Stross called again, for her older son Kevlar’s 5th Birthday party, I knew it’d be amazing. We hosted her and hubby Jason’s one-year-old son ‘s birthday here in February 2014. They are both typical Entrepreneurial business owners, as they are eager to help, warm and welcoming, they are genuine and a lot of fun to be around. So, of course, they have a ton of friends to celebrate with. And once people experience the NOVA way, they wanna come back, so here we are again! Of course personal assistant extraordinaire Jessica was everywhere, making the magic happen.


2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-64 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-25 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-28 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-29 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-61

This time we enjoyed another fabulous group of vendors:

NOVA’s first Mechanical Bull was provided by Just for Fun. This was really cool and a lot harder to ride in slick dress pants, as I found out. The beautiful lady who rode before me made me look quite un-cowboy-ish (new word, ignore the red squiggly spell check thingy). Or maybe it was her wearing shorts that helped her grip, yea that must be it. Really. 😉

2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-54 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-57 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-58 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-59 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-60 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-13 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-33

The lovely Balloon Artist by Your Total Entertainment was likely the hardest working gal this afternoon. She was surrounded by delighted kids the entire afternoon. Bravo!

2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-23 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-24 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-66 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-67 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-68

The Bounce House felt lonely most of the afternoon as the kids generally played inside during Kevlar’s 5th Birthday Hoedown, though when they did, they certainly enjoyed bouncing around like cute little sugar-filled sprites.


A fun Photobooth by really nice people at the Giggle Box

2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-38

Once again Christy and Jason decided on one of their favorite groups the Big Moon Rocket Band who provided an afternoon of great music!

2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-11 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-12 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-35 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-36 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-37

Dessert by The Cake Girl. Mmmmmmm, CAKE!!

2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-17 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-18 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-19 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-20 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-6 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-7

Delicious BBQ pork and chicken and yummy sides were provided by Holy Hog BBQ

2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-43 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-45 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-49

Photography (coming soon) by Luna Bella Photography. She’s the REAL professional photographer, I’m just a guy with a great camera (6D) and an improving eye. This blog was shot entirely by me on my Samsung Note 2 and my Canon 6D, much of it without flash. I’m still learning, but committed to improving. I can’t wait to see how awesome this Kevlar’s 5th Birthday Hoedown looks via Luna Bella’s lens.

2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-10 2014-08-03-Kevlar-5-Birthday-Hoedown-NOVA-535-51


Just another wonderful afternoon here at NOVA 535 Unique Event Space. People always ask “Is NOVA open to the public?” and I explain that 98% of the time NOVA is closed for private events, Weddings, Receptions, Mitzvahs, Film Shoots, Corporate Parties, Fundraisers, Birthdays and such. If you or a friend is looking to rent NOVA 535 for an event, please click here. Thank you and good luck to us all!

What about that 2% you may ask? Well, we do open up occasionally for PUBLIC Events…some truly unique and amazing ones, like NOVAWEEN, NOVA NOEL, Sunscreen Film Festival and more.