A Hilarious Super Man Marries his Wonderful Woman

Chuck and Sofia Glass Wedding at Downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535

I’ve always enjoyed game shows: the Price is Right, Hollywood Squares, $100,000 Pyramid, Jeopardy, Who’s Line is It Anyways? and so on. And I’ve always dreamed of creating my own.  So after opening NOVA 535, I was enjoying some conversations with my amigo “Skeie”; we were reliving the glory of the old Gong Show. Fast forward a bit. I was lucky enough to meet Daniel “Motown Pride” Jefferson, founder of the Best of the Bay Improve Troupe Got Jokes?. So what does this have to do with my friend Chuck and Sofia’s wedding? Hang tight, we’ll be right back after these commercial messages!

Chuck and Sofia Glass Wedding at Downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535

Moving forward, Daniel and I conspired, plotted, schemed and worked tirelessly to create our own game show, of course right during the Great Depression, ugg. But we didn’t care, we’re Entrepreneurs, risk takers and dreamers. Plus we love making other people smile and laugh. So we created The Big Bang Show – Think “Who’s Line is it Anyways” mixed with “America’s Got Talent”, hosted by an Improv Troupe – and it was SPECTACULAR!!


Five Contestants (singers, bands, jugglers, acrobats, magicians, acts too hard or inappropriate to describe and more) competed for a ca$h prize, judged by 3 local “celebrities” (2 plus myself) and hosted by the Got Jokes? troupe. Our judges included St. Pete sensation Sterling Powell, the lovely fitness guru Forbes Riley, witty and charming comedy writer Michael Graf, fabulous super-spaz radio DJ Alli “That Girl” and more. The audience picked the winner (by applause), the judges gave some really honest feedback plus picked the runner-up. The runner ups then competed in the wildcard playoff. The ultimate winner walked away with some real $$ and the title of Big Bang Show Season X Winner. Daniel Jefferson produced, show after show, the best talent in the state of Florida. Bravo to you Daniel! The Got Jokes? crew had the audience in stitches. Oh, how I miss the Big Bang Show…


We ran the Big Bang Show from 2009 to 2011, for 4 Seasons, comprised of 6 Live Shows each season. Ever run a live event? What could go wrong? =D Our season 1 winner was the charming and absolutely hilarious stand-up comedian Mr. Chuck Glass. Chuck made such an impression on Daniel and his entire Got Jokes? crew that Chuck was invited to be a permanent part of the team. They’ve been making people cry with laughter ever since!!

Chuck and Sofia Glass wedding at venue NOVA 535 downtown St. Pete

This is how Chuck describes this part of his career on his FB page “In 2009, Chuck won the first season of “The Big Bang Show” at Nova 535, where he earned his nickname “UNBREAKABLE”. ” By the way – If you are looking to hire a truly hilarious stand-up comedian for your next party or corporate gig, reach out to Chuck Class.  (You’re welcome for the plug Chuck – LOVE YOU!)

NOVA 535 – The Big Bang Show from David J. Mercado on Vimeo.

Sometime in 2012, Chuck met his soulmate Sofia, and after about two years of dating and loving and growing and of course a LOT of LAUGHTER, they decided to get married.

Superman love Lois Lane Quote

Since Chuck had so many great memories here at NOVA 535, plus since it’s the best wedding and event space ever, they chose NOVA 535 Unique Event Space for their wedding ceremony and reception, held on December 6th, 2015. I couldn’t have been happier, prouder and more honored. Congrats to you both Sofia and Chuck, er the Unbreakable Mr. and Mrs Chuck Glass!!


So without the love of game shows, and my time well spent with my brother from another mother Daniel Jefferson, we’d have never have known the amazing, the unbreakable Chuck Glass. Well that’s not a universe that we want to live in. The one here where the really great guy, a Super Man, finds and marries his true soul mate and they live HAPPILY ever after – duh, I mean Sofia married a comedian – that’s the universe we prefer. So again, CONGRATULATIONS to my friend and Season #1 Winner of the Big Bang Show, Chuck Glass and to you the lovely Sofia, for completing Chuck in so many Wonderful ways. Eternal love and Good Luck to you both!!

Amazing photos courtesy of Napoleoni Photography

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