2015 Dixie Hollins High School Prom

2015 Dixie Hollins Prom at NOVA 535

Friday April 24, 2015 here at the historic yet modern venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space in beautiful downtown St. Pete, Florida, we hosted the 2015 Dixie Hollins High School Prom. The teens were well behaved, they danced and laughed and texted and took photos galore – hopefully tagging #nova535 along the way – and seemed to have a strong unified school spirit. Little do they realize that these are some of the best years of their lives – pre amortization schedules and insurance binders – before the much heavier weight of adulthood settles in. If you’re listening young ladies and gents, enjoy yourselves. Find that balance between expecting to live to be 100 years old and that today could be your last. Enjoy every moment as fully as possible while planning to be healthy and happy and successful when you’re old and gray and wrinkled. Remember you are what you eat, and to always be your own best friend. So here’s to the class of 2015, congrats!!

2015 Dixie Hollins Prom at historic venue NOVA 535 downtown St. Pete
2015 Dixie Hollins Prom at historic venue NOVA 535 downtown St. Pete

We worked with several delightful students and super-star teacher Evy Fernandez planning this prom for many months. They were all easy to work with, holding on to their vision while accepting my advice and input along the way. The school culinary program handled the food and of course there was the traditional crowning of the King and Queen.

2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-30 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-19 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-10

It’s been, wow, about 30 years since my prom in 1986, and much was the same, some was better, some worse. It’s really nice to see people of the LGBT community included now, as in 1986 that was a big no no. No one even dared to be out in school, even in college it was all but invisible. Certainly a big step forward for humanity – people are people – and should be respected as such. Is the world a better or worse place because of you? Are you helping or hurting? Are you kind or mean? Those are much much much more important things to consider than who is kissing whom. We are all humans, one species, and I’m delighted to see things have evolved since 1986. Keep up the good work! Lead by good example!

2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-44 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-55 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-39 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-26 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-3

The always on the phone thing is certainly worse, yet it’s all this generation knows. Yes it’s addictive, HELLO!! it’s made that way, to always keep you ‘checking in’ on your ‘status” and to see if there are any new messages. Even if you’re sitting right to the person you’re texting. It’s cool and easy that’s for sure, but the power of communication comes from the body language, the looking into someone’s eye, that subtle understanding that comes from decades of practice. Seek your balance.

2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-762015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-64 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-61 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-110

Once you are older you’ll have a longer timeline to review and understand, and hopefully, know that quicker in most cases, isn’t better. Better is better and that is a much more complex question, for another time perhaps. Remember, a balance between the physical and the digital. Between action and planning, between well, enough for now…so anyhoo, school is out soon for the summer, right? NICE!! So let’s get back to enjoying your 2015 Prom!

2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-113 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete (80) 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-4 2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-38

So a BIG THANK YOU to the DHHS Class of 2015 for trusting NOVA 535 Unique Event Space with your prom, we enjoyed it and, from the photos, so did you all too! Keep us in mind for any future parties, weddings and events.

2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-36

Down below is ALL of the photos that I took on my Canon 6D, I’m not a pro just a guy with a good camera. I’ve visited over 300 cities in 35 countries on 5 continents and have been lucky enough to see, shoot and experience so much – so I hope my photos add a bit more joy into your lives. If you enjoyed your time here at NOVA 535, then PLEASE be kind and write a quick nice review online here https://nova535.com/recommend. THANKS!

2015 04-24 2015-Dixie-Hollins-High-School-Prom-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-88

People might think of NOVA 535 as a wedding venue, which we are, though of course we host companies all the time for parties, seminars, awards banquets, etc., and obviously proms, anniversaries parties, Sweet 16, and so on. The only thing Team NOVA is “married” to is excellence and providing 5 Star experiences for everyone. I offer the vision and set the bar high, often saying “think of NOVA as like Ritz Carlton meets Disney World”. We believe that we are only as good as our last event – like a comedian or fighter – and we use that subtle paranoia and clearly focus on only one event at a time…yours!

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