Pinball bride marries her Mario Brothers loving sweetheart

We’ve hosted a ton of cool, unique weddings and most all are fun in their own way. Lot’s of smiling brides and grinning grooms, yet every so often we’ll get the type of clients that spend most of their time laughing, actually enjoying themselves like they were spending the day at the amusement park. A cool thing about NOVA 535 Unique Event Space here in downtown St. Pete, is that we allow our clients to do just that. Create their own amusement park right here in our venue. Christi and Adams’s wedding here in June of 2014 was one of these especially enjoyable events. Their theme was “Love is a two player game”, so the pinball machines (I LOVE PINBALL), the Mario Brothers cookies, the COLORFUL brides maids dresses and son on were perfect for today’s festivities!2014-06-13-Pinball-bride-marries-her-Mario-Brothers-loving-sweetheart-at-NOVA-535-downtown-St-Pete-88

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