Novaween 13

Novaween 13

On Halloween Night, join our 13th annual Halloween costume party Novaween 13, on Thursday, October 31, 2019, at historic downtown St. Pete venue NOVA 535

9:00 pm Event Begins

Aerialists, Fire Shows, Sword Play, CRY Wheels, Tarot Card Readings, GoGo Dancers.
Scary Surprises and more!!
() Novaween Founder and owner of NOVA 535 Michael Scott Novilla returns to host Novaween 13!!
() Mayven Missbehavin (Aerial and GoGo)
() Dr. Paul Bearer and his Death Hearse
() Riquette Ramsey (Aerial and GoGo)
() Carmen Lai (GoGo)
() DJ JB Nicotera
() Gaby Rosa (Aerial and CRY Wheel)
() Magician Cory Van Valin
() Taylor Roberts (Aerial and Fire)
() James in Chains (Aerial Chains Performance)
() Ani Crane (Tarot Cards)
() Photobooth by Get the Picture
() Vanchetta Food Truck in Courtyard
= Multiple Full Liquor Bars; inside, upstairs and in the courtyard.
() Smoking OUTside only.
= Free Valet Parking
and much more!!
Novaween 13 will be epic! Don’t miss this!

12:00 am Costume Contest
3:00 am Event Ends


Parking + Directions to NOVA 535
535 Dr. M. L. King Jr. Street North, St. Pete, Florida 33701

Check out some new incredible additions to our Novaween 13 Entertainment Crew, the incredible ladies and gents of Underground Cirque!