I make films like a girl

I make films like a girl. Well maybe not me, personally. See last night, Thursday August 18, 2016, instead of hosting my weekly Entrepreneur Social Club here at modernized historic venue NOVA 535, I spent time with WIFT. Wift who? Women In Film and Television. WIFT. WIFT Florida, specifically, tonight. The lovely ladies were here to schmooze, laugh and connect. To network and expand their contacts, and to enjoy time with fellow filmmakers, producers, directors, actors, cast and crew. Feature films and docs, web series and TV commercials, shorts and indie scripts, there was a bit of it all. The common thread here was the love of film. Everyone in attendance, no matter what set, or direction they’re coming from, are ALL film LOVERS. And some are lucky enough to do it for a living. Ready Set, ACTION!2016 0818 WIFT-Women-Film-TV-at-venue-NOVA-535-DTSP-phone-212605

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Film Shoot Location: Scenes from Behind the Bubbly

Another day at the office has so many meanings. For some it’s digging a sewer line, for most others its a day in another kind of trenches. Today was a great TV commercial film shoot location here in beautiful downtown St. Pete. I’m calling it,┬áScenes from Behind the Bubbly.

Round the Bubbly Camera Train

Well there are the lucky few who spend their time as a professional model – modeling shoes, cars and sometimes even the Bubbly. Yes I know, a Bubbly Model….? What the $&^@ is a Bubbly Model? Continue reading