Publix is where shopping and working is a pleasure

Publix is where shopping and working is a pleasure. This I’ve experienced, from every angle, as Publix hosted their annual awards banquet here last Monday, April 20th, 2015. See as a young man I had the pleasure of working at our local Publix here in St. Petersburg, Florida for a bit more than a year. I bagged groceries, cleaned the store and learned how a great organization that is focused on customer service get’s it right. I also made pals with another young man named Jeff. Well I went on into real estate and am now running my own customer service based company, NOVA 535 Unique Event Space, here in downtown St. Pete, Florida, and Jeff, well he stayed at Publix. Fast forward about 30 years later and here we are.2015 04-20 Publix-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-69

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