30 Years Bogie Proud

Gathering here at my historic venue NOVA 535, for our 30th high school reunion, Boca Ciega Class of 1986, the excitement and anticipation was palatable. Gathering in beautiful Downtown St. Pete, Florida, on a weekend already full of Pride; St. Pete Pride. Gathering one and all, black, white, brown, tan, blue, peach and green and rainbow (we hired the amazing Hoola Monsters to perform) gay, straight, undecided, “it’s none of your business”, tall, short, thick and thin, bald to bushy. Humans. Gathering. To Celebrate. The gathering core comprised of our friendships; friendly, caring and kind to each other. How Humanity should be treating each other. With love, respect and kindness, instead of fear, ignorance and hatred. By 4am, as the last few of us ubered our ways home (Uber Marcie it’s UBER!), after all our laughter, stories, jokes, ┬ámemories, photos, drinks and smokes, we framed the solution, for our species.

2016 0624 NOVA535 BocaCiega-Class-86-PRIDE-DTSP-2403
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