30 Years Bogie Proud

Gathering here at my historic venue NOVA 535, for our 30th high school reunion, Boca Ciega Class of 1986, the excitement and anticipation was palatable. Gathering in beautiful Downtown St. Pete, Florida, on a weekend already full of Pride; St. Pete Pride. Gathering one and all, black, white, brown, tan, blue, peach and green and rainbow (we hired the amazing Hoola Monsters to perform) gay, straight, undecided, “it’s none of your business”, tall, short, thick and thin, bald to bushy. Humans. Gathering. To Celebrate. The gathering core comprised of our friendships; friendly, caring and kind to each other. How Humanity should be treating each other. With love, respect and kindness, instead of fear, ignorance and hatred. By 4am, as the last few of us ubered our ways home (Uber Marcie it’s UBER!), after all our laughter, stories, jokes,  memories, photos, drinks and smokes, we framed the solution, for our species.

2016 0624 NOVA535 BocaCiega-Class-86-PRIDE-DTSP-2403
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Lori West and the Class of 1986 Presents Bogie 80s High School Reunion

Lori West and the Class of 1986 Presents Bogie 80s High School Reunion

Where: NOVA 535 Unique Event Space

When: Friday June 24, 2016 from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am

Why: Join your fellow Boca Ciega High School (Bogie) Pirates from the Best Decade Ever (the 1980’s DUH!) as we celebrate 30-ish years since our wild and crazy days at Boca Ciega High School at Tampa Bay’s #1 rated venue NOVA 535. You know it’s gonna be incredible because Lori West and the Class of 1986 is leading this event, so message your fellow Pirates (you know facebook, email, or maybe even get old school with an actual phone call) and buy your tickets online now and SAVE $10

Tickets: $ 30 online and $ 40 at the door (PLUS TAX)
**Buy online and SAVE $10 ONLINE vs at the Door**
Includes free parking, entertainment, and exclusive use of venue NOVA 535 here in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida aka DTSP

Food: Delicious fresh hot food will be available for purchase from Murray’s Chicago Deli

Drinks: Beers, Wines, Sodas, Juices, Coffee, Tea, and a huge selection of liquors, shots, cocktails are all available from our huge, gorgeous Cash / Credit Bar

Entertainment: Incredible DJ TBD will be providing dance grooves all night

BUY TICKETS ONLINE NOW and SAVE $10 (scroll to bottom)

Directions and Parking for NOVA 535


Boca Ciega Class of 1985 30th Reunion

Even the pouring rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of our fellow Pirates as we gathered here at my historic venue NOVA 535 in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida to celebrate the Boca Ciega Class of 1985 30th Reunion. Legendary Joe Pequeno, my brother and close dear friend for over 30 years, was the driving force behind tonight’s successful celebration. His hard work, passion and love for his fellow classmates culminated tonight in a truly delightful, epic evening.2015 07-24 Boca-Ciega-High-School-30th-Reunion-at-venue-NOVA-535-downtown-StPete-189

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