You’ve booked at NOVA 535. Now What?

You’ve booked at NOVA 535. Now What?

Welcome to NOVA 535!! We LOVE our clients, and have created the NOVA WAY to help ensure that EVERY GUEST is WOWed and DELIGHTED. Our process is designed to give full attention to our clients with the nearest event dates, though we are always here to help you on your way to your 5 star event. Relax and enjoy this journey, as we specialize in hosting fabulous 5 Star weddings and events the NOVA WAY.  

[]  We’ve emailed you your log-in credentials for where you can always see your invoice, timeline, event details, vendors and more.
[]  You’ve eSigned your invoice that was emailed to you and made your 1st 20% nonrefundable payment. Your payment schedule is found inside your invoice. All payments are nonrefundable.
[]  Your event date is now on our calendar.


[]  Start hiring your vendors, either NOVA’s PREFERRED VENDORS  or vendors found on your own; and yes you can choose your own professional caterer. 
[] Vendors must be licensed, insured, and have signed
[] If your vendor hasn’t been to NOVA before, they must complete
[]  NOVA provides ALL beverages and bar staff. No outside beverages allowed.
[]  Specific event questions please email until you’ve been assigned your manager/planner at 2 months prior to your event. 
[] To purchase additional services contact Pricing Menu

Questions and Details:
Read our FAQs  then the choose your:

Make a PAYMENT at anytime to NOVA

2 MONTHS PRIOR: You’ve been assigned your venue manager / planner. Time to schedule your face to face event planning session, where you continue to formalize your floorplan, timeline, decorations and other details. 

30 DAYS PRIOR: Final payment and final headcount due
(TOTAL HEADCOUNT = Adults + Minors – Guests under 21)

[]  Make sure your final headcount is final before you make your final payment as ALL PAYMENTS are NONREFUNDABLE.
[]  Ceremony Rehearsal (when applicable) scheduled after above is completed
[]  Vendor / Band / Entertainment walk through for all final details.


[]  Final paid invoice is esigned.
[]  Final floorplan(s) reviewed, signed, dated and emailed back to NOVA (as pdf)
[]  We schedule staffing, all special orders, order supplies, linens, beverages, etc.
[]  Mistakes happen when details get changed / missed because of delayed documents. Please help us provide 5 Star service and return your documents in a timely manner.


SHARE with us Google Drive via or via DropBox, no thumb drives no dvds
FORMAT:  Photos (.JPEG) or (.PNG)   Videos (.MOV) or (.MP4)  

ALL DETAILS ARE LOCKED IN. Any changes from now to event day result in a $ 95 per item change fee. This is where mistakes get made, so that’s why we require that EVERYTHING 100% lock-ed in by 14 days.

WEEK OF EVENT: Your VM/Planner confirms all vendors.
Ceremony rehearsal is held (when applicable) and DJ / Band, Officiant and any Ceremony related vendors are required to attend.


3 HOURS PRIOR for grand events (Weddings, Receptions, Mitzvahs).
2 HOURS PRIOR for intimate events (meetings, seminars, smaller parties)

SCHEDULED START TIME for guests of ALL events. No one is allowed in early except bridal party and vendors. All guests must wait outside the main gate until scheduled event time, no exceptions.

SCHEDULED END: Music / Entertainment ends and house lights are gradually turned on.

PARTY is OVER:   Guests are to collect EVERYTHING they brought in and make their way safely home. Don’t drink and Drive, call a TAXI or use UBER.

30 DAYS AFTER EVENT: NOVA will contact you for a testimonial as well as photos and videos for us to share on our websites. We practice continuous improvement and love hearing how we can do anything better, smoother, easier, etc. Our goal is to delight you and your guests, it’s the NOVA Way!  Thank you!