Unsullied Film Premier Party with Filmmaker Simeon Rice

Dj Fresh Simeon Rice and Michael Novilla at NOVA 535 Unsullied film party

Saturday August 22, 2015 we enjoyed the Florida Unsullied Film Premier Party with Filmmaker Simeon Rice right here in gorgeous downtown St. Petersburg, Florida at the meticulously renovated historic venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space. Simeon is famous for his sacks, multiple Pro Bowl appearances and helping lead our Tampa Bay Buccaneers to our Superbowl Ring, yet that wasn’t enough for him. So he went to NY Film Academy and became a real deal filmmaker. Show off!

Red carpet for Unsullied film downtown st. pete

So at 7 pm we were all at the newly renovated and gorgeous downtown St. Pete Sundial, inside the Carmike Theatres for the Florida Premier of Unsullied, with a red carpet, the stars and the folks who put this entire event together, my friend and current Film Commissioner of Pinellas County. I love calling him “Mr. Commissioner” – the amazing Tony Armer, and his go-to PR for all important events, Laurie Jessup of Jessup Communications. (Laurie has handled PR for the Sunscreen Film Festival for 6 years!) Thanks again Laurie and Tony!   A personal thanks to Tony for not only the connection, but for ALWAYS putting forth a 5 star effort to improve the film industry here in Tampa Bay, via the Sunscreen Film Festival and so much more. Bravo to Tony Armer!

So how was the film? Here’s the Official Slug:

Unsullied Film party at NOVA 535

Unsullied – Starring Rusty Joiner, Murray Gray, James Gaudioso

When car trouble strands track star Reagan Farrow (Murray Gray) in the Florida boondocks, she accepts an offer of help from a pair of charming strangers (Rusty Joiner and James Gaudioso) only to find herself trapped in a brutal backwoods nightmare. Held captive in an isolated cabin, Reagan manages to escape and take refuge in the forest. Relentlessly pursued by the savage sociopaths who kidnapped her, Reagan will need all of her inner strength and resourcefulness in order to survive in this gripping thriller.

unsullied film vip pass

Well I truly was rooting for Unsullied to be a really good film, one with suspense, action, drama, tears and laughter, several white knuckled scenes and more….and it was. See I was rooting for a really good film for 3 main reasons: #1 it was all shot here locally, #2 I love watching good films and #3 Simeon and I became friendly during this several month process, he’s quite talented and a genuinely nice guy, so of course we want him to succeed. Plus how do you look a guy his size in the eye and tell him his movie wasn’t so great?? WHEW good thing Unsullied delivered!! Bravo to Simeon, cast and crew!

Unsullied the Film premiers around the country August 28, 2015. Go see Unsullied!2015 08-22 Unsullied-Film-Premier-Party-at-NOVA-535-downtown-St-Pete (5)

After the film, everyone went to NOVA 535 where we enjoyed incredible entertainment from my longtime friend and Tampa Bay’s #1 DJ, DJ Fresh, who is also the DJ for the Tampa Bay Ray’s our local MLB team. You KNOW everyone is gonna have a great time when DJ Fresh is behind the mic!

PSST – It’s DJ Fresh’s 35th Birthday party Saturday Aug 29th, 2015 right here at NOVA 535, JOIN US!

DJ Fresh Simeon Rice and Michael Novilla at NOVA 535 Unsullied film party
DJ Fresh, Simeon Rice and Michael Novilla of NOVA 535


The super surprise for me was the totally unexpected arrival of a legendary DJ, of course a friend of Doug’s (Doug Hensel aka DJ Fresh), was DJ Madlinx. Wow DJ Madlinx, (below) the guy who hosted THE Hip-Hop show on 88.5 back in ‘the day”, the show we’d anxiously await all week. It had slipped my mind how much we enjoyed his work, and spending time with him tonight left me even more of a fan.

DJ Madlinx at NOVA 535
Legendary DJ Madlinx at NOVA 535


Randall Hedden (below) created a unique, incredible entertaining live art show, where he painted 3 paintings at once, spinning them around like Wheel of Fortune, and completing them in under 20 minutes. What a great show! Randall Hedden live art show at NOVA 535

Later those pieces we auction off with a portion of proceeds going to SHINE St. Pete Mural Festival September 1 – 12, 2015 here in DTSP.

Want to support a great new festival here downtown St. Pete? Donate to SHINE!

SHINE St Pete Mural festivalUnsullied film party at NOVA 535

Food was from the fabulously fresh and delicious St. Pete Taco Lady Colleen Travers and her super cute food truck. Thanks again Colleen for the incredibly delicious steak and tuna tacos, that’s what I had – yummy!! Of course she also offers fish, veggie, chicken and more! Contact St. Pete Taco lady for your next catering event!  None of this would have been possible with out superstars Ghana Cooper, Simeon’s incredible right hand lady, and Jodi and her fabulous team at Premier Concierge Services, Inc. Simeon certainly knows how to build an all star team.

Stay tuned for the next unique 5 Star event here at venue NOVA 535 and in the meanwhile go see Unsullied!

2015 04-03 Michael-Mario-NOVA-Birthday-Party-at-venue-NOVA535-downtown-StPete-17

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Please forgive me as these Unsullied blog photos are via my Samsung Note 4 and certainly not from a professional, the PRO-tos (new word here!) will be delivered to us from Barry Lively of BLively Images! Barry is ALWAYS great to have at your event!

Photographer Barry Lively at NOVA 535 for Unsullied party

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