How to use the My NOVA Event system

How to use the My NOVA Event system:

2  Log in to My NOVA Event using your USER NAME and PASSWORD
3  You are sent to the MY UPCOMING EVENTS SCREEN
Here you can:
[]  DECLINE ASSIGNMENT (if you are vendor whom NOVA has requested to work)
[]  CLICK FOR ACCESS to Event Docs, which include floorplans, gobo, and files
4  Click on the event date you want to select, for example

      2016 10-21 NOVAWEEN 10

5  You are sent to the EVENT DETAILS screen
6  On the MY NOVA EVENT DETAILS screen you can choose:
DETAILS or  VENDORS  or  TIMELINE  or  INVOICE (client access only)
[]  Click on DETAILS
For all the basic information regarding the event. Includes: Event Type, Duration, Guest Count, Event Documents and Contact Information
[]  Click on VENDORS
For a list of vendors assigned to the specific event and contact information for each.
[]  Click on TIMELINE
To view the timeline of the event.
[]  Click on INVOICE (open to clients only)
 My NOVA Event system
ARCHIVE (at the top of the screen – if you’ve been granted permission) to see a list of all events held at NOVA 535 or you can search events by entering the EVENT ID into the search box
8 BILLING (at the top of the screen) if you are paid by NOVA 535, here is where your invoices due from NOVA 535 are located
10 VENUE DOCS (at top of screen) displays a list of important documents for operations, vendors, sales and billing, and maintenance.
MNE Venue Docs
9 Use the BACK ARROW ON YOUR ADDRESS BAR  when necessary
 If you are still having any issues or questions with the My NOVA Event system, please email If you need more immediate assistance, call / text NOVA 535 at 949-873-6682