Frankie’s Friends, Barking up the Right Tree

Frankie’s Friends First Annual St. Pete Fundraiser was held at NOVA 535 Unique Event Space on September 18, 2014

Thursday was a fabulous night for our local furry friends and everyone who loves and supports them. A night when everyone was barking up the right tree.  Frankie’s Friend’s is a wonderful charity founded by Dr. Neil Shaw who also founded BluePearl Veterinary Partners.2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA

The Veterinary Cancer Foundation was started by Dr. Shaw in 1999 with a mission to save pets with cancer. But the reach and mission of the foundation was broader: to raise money and help pets who would otherwise suffer without proper care or be euthanized due to their families’ lack of financial resources. in 2008, our foundation’s name was changed to Frankie’s Friends to honor the spirit and vitality of Frankie, a beautiful greyhound, cherished by the Edward DeBartolo Jr. family of Tampa, Florida. Enjoying success in Tampa, tonight Frankie’s Friends crossed the bridge to being also hosting an annual event here in St. Petersburg, to grow this side of the bay’s awareness and offer help and hope for pet’s and their owners who need it.

2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-40 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-43 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-48 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-49 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-58Key players in this fundraiser, or I should say FUN-raiser, were the kick-ass TC Carr and The Bolts of Blue Band, with always cool local radio legend Dave McKay and emceed by the lovely, talented and always willing to help others, Jen Holloway. Thanks you all for really putting forth your valuable time and energy to help others. Our world needs more people like you all! Bravo!!

Speaking of people the world needs more of, Corina Wain was / is the driving force behind this entire series of events. She’s that delightful blend of get-it-done and calm, warm, welcoming energy that makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy. Corina, take a bow lady, your’re nothing short of extraordinary! Corina brought in her amazing team of helpers and supporters and they were fund and easy to work with. If only all events brought in a group of magic elves, wow my job would be so much easier…. anyhoo, well there is the key sponsor of this event, the family from Jim’s Harley Davidson, right here in St. Pete. They rolled in with two stunning new bikes, black and oozing coolness from every pipe, and aside from stepping up and writing a big check, they were here with their team, their family and you can tell from the warm smiles and the energy they brought into the room, they REALLY REALLY care about Frankie’s Friends and the good deeds it accomplishes.

2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-11 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-13 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-16 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-21 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-22 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-27 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-35 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-38 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-40 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-46 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-48 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-51 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-53 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-58 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-64

The raffle was filled with lovely gifts and support from may local businesses, including Fresco’s Waterfront Restaurant, which I won a dinner for 2, Yummy!, and I remember some beautiful blue earrings from the Gold and Diamond Source, but those went to another luck winner. I did hear Jen Holloway mention a lady had won FOUR times, so thanks to that lady for support the raffle. While people enjoyed the night, they munched on the delicious and beautifully presented fare from Chef Rand Packer of K4 Catering. Wow his food DELICIOUS! Also Krispy Kreme Doughnuts brought out a whole ton of tempting doughnuts, which I avoided except for 2 or 3 of the mini ones… I am TRYING to  be gluten free these days. Damn you delicious doughnuts and your irresistibleness! And a shot-out to my friends at I Love DTSP and Keep St. Pete Local who always help promote and share these NOVA charity events with everyone in the Tampa Bay region. THANKS!!

2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-4 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-5 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-18 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-19 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-23 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-24 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-25 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-28 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-45 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-50 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-51 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-52 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-53 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-56 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-60 2014-09-18-Frankies-Friends-at-NOVA-535-St-Pete-64

Just another wonderful evening here at NOVA 535 Unique Event Space. People always ask “Is NOVA open to the public?” and I explain that 98% of the time NOVA is closed for private events, Weddings, Receptions, Mitzvahs, Film Shoots, Corporate Parties, Fundraisers, Birthdays and such. If you or a friend is looking to rent NOVA 535 for an event, please click here. Thank you and good luck to us all!

What about that 2% you may ask? Well we do open up occasionally for PUBLIC Events…some truly unique and amazing ones, like NOVAWEEN, NOVA NOEL, Sunscreen Film Festival and more.