NOVA 535 Floorplans for Dining, Dancing, Ceremonies, Seminars, Parties and more!

Think of NOVA 535 as a beautiful stage, where you can produce just about any type of event you desire. From a courtyard wedding ceremony, then dinner and dancing inside the main gallery, finally upstairs to our late night lounge. Another day brings a Sweet 16, a prom, a Mitzvah!, a corporate seminar, a TV commercial shoot, a live comedy or musical performance, a fundraising luncheon, a business breakfast, a kids carnival, a birthday bash, a bridal gown show, a wake reception, a fashion show, a charity auction, a anniversary party, a corporate holiday party and well you get the picture. With well over 1000 successful events held here at NOVA, our flexibility and easy to use system, The NOVA Way, is just some of the reason we are the #1 rated venue in Tampa Bay. We believe in continuous improvement and never take things for granted. We love seeing our clients and guests smiling.

Here’s a few of the thousands of possible floorplan options…and remember that NOVA 535 was built specifically as an event venue, with a singe purpose to delight every guest that enters our space! Welcome to NOVA 535!