Beautiful Skin and a New Lexus

When we booked Rodan + Fields for an awards celebration party a few months ago, I didn’t immediately recognize the brand name. My skin care regimen is eating well, lots of clean water and plenty of organic coconut oil, so I’m a bit in the dark as to which brands are what. Along the planning path I learned who Rodan + Fields was and that they take good care of their people. One of those lovely people is Erin King, who I got to know a bit as we discussed details, timelines, and floorplans. We also had to decide where we should park the Lexus 460 here inside of our historic venue (built 1920) NOVA 535. Her associate Heather Tuck (congrats Heather!!) was receiving the gorgeous new Lexus as part of her compensation and bonus package! WOW! So I suggested setting it along our gorgeous, red clay block walls. Makes for such fabulous photo opportunities which you’ll certainly enjoy….read on! 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3639 Beautiful Skin and a New Lexus with Rodan + Fields at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 St. Pete

During the big night, after a few presentations, some cocktails and speeches, the crowd was warmed up and ready for the main event – Heather receiving her new Lexus! The energy was electric, the crowd of about 200 beautifully dressed, smart, entrepreneurial minded ladies. Yes, I know, this is what I do for a living….some people call it work, I call it fabulous!!

2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3548 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3574 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3576 Beautiful Skin and a New Lexus with Rodan + Fields at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 St. Pete

What I enjoy, is seeing and feeling lots of love, respect and joy here in our house, and there was PLENTY tonight! At NOVA 535, we spend a lot of time and energy with our clients, many who are planning for another type of big day – their wedding ceremony and reception. So whether you are receiving a new Lexus or someone special into your life, our NOVA Way continuous improvement process is here to help make sure everything is 5 Star Fabulous!

2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3810 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3803 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3791 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3774 Beautiful Skin and a New Lexus with Rodan + Fields at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 St. Pete

Speaking of love and admiration (and congratulations!!) for Heather Tuck and her dedication to excellence and love of her clients! Bravo and congrats to you Heather!!

2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3686 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3709 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3721 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3751 2016-09-15-rodanfields-at-dtsp-venue-nova-535-3763 Beautiful Skin and a New Lexus with Rodan + Fields at historic DTSP venue NOVA 535 St. Pete

Thanks again to Erin, Heather and all of team Rodan + Fields  for such a delightful evening!! If you want to host your own 5 Star event here at NOVA 535, you can get started online, email Sales(at) or call/text us at 949-873-6682. Below are all the photos from this event, please enjoy and share!

PS If you had a lovely time here at NOVA 535 please leave us a nice online review at it is MOST helpful and appreciated!! If there is ANYTHING we can do to improve please email me directly at Michael(at) thank you!!


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